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He has posted a 30-second clip shared on social media, which features a cameo from Mullin, previewing the upcoming game. “So, I’m about to take off from LA to get on the flight [to] go see Wrexham’s first game back in the [English Football] League at home,” McElhenney says.

However, a faint voice says: “Hello?” from out of view and asks for a pillow. McElhenney, who started recording on a balcony, walks back inside to pick one up before handing it to Mullin, sitting on a sofa.

The striker thanks his boss and gives him a thumbs up as McElhenney continues addressing the camera. “And it’s going to be; I think it’s going to be a tight one against MK Dons,” he continues. “They’re a good squad, and, obviously, we’re hoping for the best. Very excited. Up the Town.”

McElhenney has previously updated Welsh broadcaster S4C about Mullin, saying: “He’s in San Diego, and he’s going to come up and stay with us for a couple of weeks until he can leave and head back to Wales.”

However, Wrexham executive director Humphrey Ker has since said he is instead sharing an apartment with friends. “I think Rob said ‘he’s going to stay with us,’ and people took that as he was literally going to stay in Rob and Kaitlin [Olson’s] house,” he told the RobRyanRed podcast.

“That offer was on the table, but Paul, understandably, wanted to use this time to have a bit of a… here’s the thing, I wouldn’t want to stay in my boss’s house for ten days to two weeks. I think he was very grateful and, no doubt will see plenty of Rob while he is in LA, but he just wanted a bit of space to himself where he could concentrate on his recovery and R&R (rest and relaxation).

Ker continued: “He’s here; he’s in LA, and he’s got some friends out here from home who have come out to stop him from being lonely and to keep an eye on him and help him out. Hopefully, by the end of this week or [the] start of next week, he’ll be able to come home.”

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