Woman ditches 65-year-old clothes after vitamin completely changes her ‘appearance’


Dawn is a 65-year-old grandmother from South Wales who struggled with regular pain following a hip replacement and arthritis, and was very “self-conscious” about her hair, skin and nail health.

After seeing an advert on social media with positive reviews, she started taking So Body Co’s Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen, a collagen powder with five types of essential collagen protein that helps improve overall health.

Collagen benefits not only hair, skin and nails but also wider problems such as joint pain and gut health.

Two years later, Dawn noticed incredible changes both inside and out, as she feels “more confident than ever” in the way she looks.

She claimed that the pain she was suffering in her hip has gone and her arthritis symptoms have reduced. Dawn also saw “huge improvements” to her hair and nail growth which are in the best condition they have been in years. 

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She also noticed a considerable reduction in the wrinkles on her face as her skin became smoother.

Dawn explained she now feels “much more confident in my appearance thanks to the collagen powder”.

“Not only because of the improvements it has made to my hair and nails, but also the improvements it has made to my arthritis and hip pain which I thought were things I would simply have to cope with as I aged”.

She continued: “When I was younger, I struggled to get my hair to grow past a certain length and found that my hair would always snap, but now my hair is healthy and has grown in both thickness and length, which I am so pleased about.

“I feel more confident than I have in years, not only feeling better in myself and my appearance, but because people around me have noticed how much happier and healthier I am.”

She commented that there is a stigma attached to older women that causes them to feel they should dress a certain way, and after putting on weight following the menopause, her confidence took a big drop.

However, after her skin and hair transformation, Dawn felt comfortable enough to change her style completely.

She said: “I don’t dress like a typical 65-year-old because I now feel happier and more confident in my own skin than I ever have before.

“Not just physically but mentally too, meaning I feel confident to wear what makes me feel good.”

According to Healthline, taking collagen supplements has many benefits such as: improving skin health, relieving joint pain, preventing bone loss, boosting muscle mass, promoting heart health, increasing strength of hair and nails and promoting weight loss.

However, women can also get collagen from collagen-rich foods that help the body produce collagen naturally including bone broth, chicken, fish, citrus fruits and berries.

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