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Winter fuel payment can be particularly valuable to individuals who may struggle with meeting the cost of their heating bills. It is only offered between certain months of the year for those who are eligible, and so these individuals must act fast. This is because the payment stands anywhere between £100 and £300 – a sizeable sum during the winter months.

The deadline for winter 2020/21 has been outlined by the government as March 31, 2021.

Most payments are made automatically between November and December, which is likely to help in the harsher winter months.

At the latest, though, those entitled to the payment should receive it by January 13, 2021.

Any money a person receives through the Winter Fuel Payment does not affect any other benefits, so people can claim without worry.

And the sum is also tax-free for those worried about having their entitlement reduced.

How much a person receives is dependent on their circumstances during the qualifying week.

The payment sum is based on when a person was born, and who they live with, if anyone.

For this reason, it is important to check the sum to which a person is entitled, which can be done through the government’s website.

The circumstances are split into four components.

Those who live alone and are born between September 21, 1940 and October 5, 1954 will be entitled to £200, with those born on or before September 20, 1940 receiving £300.

These rules on date of birth remain the same for the following circumstances.

The second circumstance is if the person qualifies and lives with someone under 80 who also qualifies, which means they will receive either £100 or £200.

The third circumstances involves a person qualifying, but also living with someone over 80 who qualifies. This means they will get either £100 or £150.

And finally, the last circumstances involves the person qualifying while living in a care home, but not receiving certain benefits.

In this case, then, they will receive either £100 or £150 if falling into this bracket. 

As long as the person qualifies, they should receive a letter telling them how much they will be paid and what the estimated payment date will be.

People do not usually need to claim Winter Fuel Payment and should get the sum automatically if eligible.

But if they do need to claim, they can do so by phone or by post. 

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