When to plant out marigolds – the best time to help your plants thrive


Marigolds are a firm favourite in household gardens due to their vibrant colours. Marigolds can be dazzling shades of yellow or orange, but other gorgeous varieties of the flower are red, brown and white. As well as being grown for their beautiful blooms, some varieties of marigold are edible too.

When do you plant out marigolds?

Many people opt to buy marigolds which are grown and ready to plant.

But marigolds can be grown from seed relatively easily, sprouting within a few days of being sown.

The best time to plant marigolds will depend on the variety being grown.

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Although the plants thrive in full sun, they may need shelter from the elements.

If the plants are grown in pots, they will need regular feeding with fertiliser.

Marigolds should be watered during dry spells, but they do not require lots of watering at other times.

Marigolds will also benefit from having dead heads removed.

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