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Millions of Britons have been forced to make cut backs on their spending and are anxious about a further rise to the coming in October. But even though the crisis appears to have only just started, some have already found themselves struggling to pay higher bills in the worst crisis in a generation.

If you’re worrying or grappling to get the cash together to keep the lights on, there is help out there.

Energy Helpline have offered Express.co.uk readers exclusive advice on what to do if their bills become too much to handle.

Phil Foster, Owner of Energy Helpline, told Express.co.uk: “If you’re struggling to pay your energy bills, there’s a lot of assistance out there, and energy providers are obligated to take into account your circumstances when coming to an arrangement of how you can repay energy debt.

“Increasing numbers of people are finding that they are struggling to pay their energy bill, and the term fuel poverty, which refers to someone who would be left below the poverty line if they paid the amount of their energy bill, now applies to more and more people across the UK.

“Don’t suffer in silence, reach out to organisations who can help you.”

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Citizen’s Advice

Energy Helpline also strongly advised contacting Citizens Advice if your bill is overwhelming you.

Citizen’s Advice can help you with managing your finances as well as reaching agreements with energy companies on your outstanding debt.

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