Water bill tips: Finding hidden leaks could save up to £300 on water bill – 4 ways to spot | Personal Finance | Finance


Use food colouring on your toilet

If you suspect your toilet is leaking, pop a splash of food colouring into your cistern and leave it.

Mr Cruz said: “If this colouring appears in your bowl after an hour or so, you have a leak. Often this is caused by a loose or sticking flush mechanism.”

Replace washers and cartridges on faulty faucets

Mr Cruz suggests people replace washers and cartridges if they find their taps to be dripping.

He said: “Even a slow drip can be responsible for wasting between 5,000 and 10,000 litres of water a year.

“Fixing aerators to your taps and shower will help to save even more water.

“A simple timer will help you to keep showers short, and a cistern bag will reduce the amount of water you use each toilet flush.

“Before investing in these devices check with your water supplier first, as they often provide them free of charge to customers.”

But identifying and fixing water leaks aren’t the only means to save money on water bills. Being more efficient while using water will also pay off.

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