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spies are handing out poisonous sweets to unsuspecting children in Ukraine in a town “infested with agents,” according to people in the area.

In the town of which was liberated in October 2022, an investigation by the US Sun found that young children could be giving out poisoned sweets unknowingly.

A young girl similing offered the journalists sweets but they were wanred by a volunteer not to take them as they could have been poisoned by Putin’s henchmen.

The volunteer told the: “The town is infested with Russian agents. There were cases when children were bringing sweets to the checkpoints and random soldiers in the street.

“The candies were poisoned. The children are not aware of what they are doing. You should not take anything from people; you can’t trust even a little girl.”

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Mark Tkachenko, a communications inspector for the Kramatorsk district police in the Donetsk region, said then that the town was suffering a “humanitarian crisis”.

He told AP reporters: “Some people died in their houses, some people died in the streets, and the bodies are now being sent to experts for examination.

“For now we are looking for grave sites, and there are probably mass graves.”

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