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The RS-28 model has been in development for months to replace its predecessor, the R-36 ICMB which NATO dubbed the Satan – resulting in the new missile unofficially being named Satan II.

According to VChK-OGPU: “Sources of VChK-OGPU say that today the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant is experiencing a serious shortage of electronic components…for the production of strategic missiles.

“The electronics of the new RS-28 (Sarmat) missile system are largely of foreign origin and, due to sanctions, are experiencing a serious shortage.

Now all efforts are being made to somehow correct the situation with the supply of sanctioned electronics, they are even sacrificing the production of S-400 air defence systems in Siberia, all for Sarmat.”

While the claims could not independently verified, military experts have long questioned the actual capabilities of the new ICBMs.

Military analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko told RBC Ukraine he doubts Putin’s claims about the Sarmat’s parameters.

Kovaleko said: “It’s a very problematic missile. The Russians couldn’t even manage test launches, when they launched a model at 30 meters to check the powder booster, they couldn’t prepare in time. And overall, there was only one full-scale test of Sarmat.

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