Verstappen’s controversial F1 title win earns British TV prize


With the 2022 F1 season now in full swing, the focus of most involved in the sport is on the remainder of the current campaign.

However, occasionally attention is brought back to the much-discussed ending of 2021, in which Max Verstappen won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the controversial final laps of the race, thus clinching the title and preventing Lewis Hamilton from winning a record eighth World Championship.

While the two protagonists raced in Miami over the weekend, Sky Sports F1‘s coverage of the Abu Dhabi event won the BAFTA TV award for Sport at a ceremony in London.

Sky “honoured” to win award

Members of the Sky crew were on hand to collect their prize on stage, though many of the on-screen line-up were absent due to the clash of events with the Miami Grand Prix.

Nonetheless, the team spoke of the “honour and privilege” of winning the award, while presenter Natalie Pinkham took the opportunity to praise Hamilton for his work in promoting diversity and inclusion in the sport.

The aftermath of the race in Abu Dhabi is by now well known, with Race Director Michael Masi having since been replaced in the position following an investigation into the events.

In his place are Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich, who will alternate in the role in 2022.

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  1. Well, now we know this BAFTA is more pro forma than content based…The broadcast team failed to cover the race manipulation as news and instead participated in the triumphalism. Sad.


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