Verstappen: Red Bull efficiency has always existed


Max Verstappen says Red Bull’s high level of operation has always existed in Formula 1, but it hasn’t always had the car to demonstrate its strengths.

Red Bull has dominated the current campaign, winning all 14 races staged so far.

Verstappen has triumphed on 12 occasions and with his win last time out at Monza, set a new record for the most consecutive F1 race wins in the sport’s history with 10.

The Milton Keynes-based squad started F1’s new era of fresh technical regulations last year on a high note and has been largely unchallenged since.

It has also executed strong strategy and pit stops on a consistent basis, a trait that Verstappen asserts has always existed within the team.

“I think we always had quite high-level performance as a team, but we just didn’t have that good of a car up until this year,” Verstappen told media including

“Of course, you know, last year already the car was very good. But the years before we were close, winning here and there and not fighting for the Constructors’.

“I think everything really came together [this year]. We understood this new regulation really well.

“When you have the good people also in every single position and you can achieve something like you’re witnessing right now.”

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