Vampire Survival Game V Rising Launches Into 1.0 This May Before It Hits PS5 Later This Year


V Rising hit Early Access on PC in 2022, selling more than 1.5 million copies in just two weeks. Since then, the game has continued to garner attention from players for its great mix of survival mechanics and action-RPG combat. Now, just shy of two years in Early Access, V Rising will launch into 1.0 in May. 

More specifically, V Rising transitions into 1.0 on May 8. We learned during a State of Play in January that developer Stunlock Studios’ vampire game would be coming to PlayStation 5 this year, and today’s announcement further affirms the team is confident it will hit the platform in 2024. 

Check it out in the official V Rising release date trailer for yourself below, courtesy of IGN

V Rising is currently available to purchase via Early Access on PC before it launches into 1.0 on May 8. It hits PS5 later this year. 

Are you going to check out the 1.0 release of V Rising? Let us know in the comments below!

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