US is ‘UNDERMINING EUROPE’ – Huawei LASHES OUT at Donald Trump over 5G row | World | News


The telecommunications firm has claimed Washington is trying to decide Europe’s commercial partnerships. The rant comes after a US State Department warning over Huawei’s 5g technology, which they are trying to distribute globally.  Robert Strayer, the State Department official responsible for 5G, said: “Putting Huawei or other untrustworthy vendors in any part of the 5G telecommunications network is a risk.”

He added: “If other countries insert and allow untrusted vendors to build out and become the vendors for their 5G networks, we will have to reassess the ability for us to share information and be interconnected with them in the ways that we are today.”

A Huawei spokesman said the campaign against his company is “undermining the political independence of Europe” to decide its own commercial deals. 

The next generation 5G tech has become highly controversial with Huawei’s attempt to dominate the market. 

Mr Strayer’s statement also acts as a warning to Britain that the US could withhold intelligence if the country adopts Huawei’s 5G network. 

Theresa May’s Government is reportedly ready to have the Chinese firm build parts of the UK’s 5G network. 

Multiple Cabinet ministers were reported to have objected to the Huawei decision.

There are concerns about whether the technology giant poses a threat to national security.

US intelligence officials have suggested that Huawei is funded by Chinese security services, according to the Times. 

The US has already banned the firm from its government network. 

Australia and New Zealand have also placed restrictions on the company. 

An investigation into the leak of the Prime Minister’s reported Huawei plans has been launched. 

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “The whole story here is not about a leak, it’s about whether or not we’re getting into bed with the Chinese company Huawei against the advice of the US and Australians who have decided not to.

“This is a fundamental issue of national security, whether somebody mentioned it in passing and leaked it is trivial in comparison.”

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