Universal Credit UK: Rishi Sunak urged to ‘think again’ during debate on £20 uplift vote | Personal Finance | Finance


Jonathan went on to highlight research from Citizens Advice which highlighted three quaters of people they help with debt who currently receive Universal Credit and working tax credit would move into a negative budget if the £20 uplift was removed.

In recent weeks, reports of a one-off payment being made to claimants who will be damaged by the uplift removal.

In coming to the end of his opening speech, Jonathan addressed this: “Finally, there has been a proposal for a one off payment to compensate people affected by this cut. This is an awful idea.

“It doesn’t address the real terms reduction in support, just as unemployment is expected to peak.

“But more than that, whilst six million families are affected by this now, that cohort will change in composition throughout the year.

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