Universal Credit scam alert as fraudster leaves Briton owing £1,100 to DWP | Personal Finance | Finance


A DWP spokesperson said: “We know that fraudsters will continue to try to make fraudulent Universal Credit claims using stolen identities and we have countermeasures in place which allow us to identify these claims at the earliest opportunity in the majority of cases.

“Verification of new claimants’ identity remains at the core of the checks the DWP undertakes before new claims are processed and we have recently secured an additional £600million of additional funding to help us find, stop, and recover the proceeds from Universal Credit fraud.

“Fraud and error in the benefits system remains very low with 95 percent of benefits worth more than £200billion paid correctly and last year, we suspended 152,000 Universal Credit claims, preventing £1.9billion in benefits from being paid to fraudsters.”

The DWP has seen skyrocketing demand for Universal Credit during the pandemic, a time when processing the applications was made even more difficult with altered systems and little staff. 

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