Universal Credit: DWP minister says Rishi Sunak will review £1,000 uplift – exclusive | Personal Finance | Finance


“I’d also say, the Chancellor so far throughout this pandemic has not hesitated to support people facing the most financial disruption. And in particular, supporting the poorest and most vulnerable in our country.

“And I have no doubt, that depending on where we are as part of this pandemic, and gosh I hope that with the vaccine roll out and our plan for jobs in place and our labour market and our economy picking up that actually we will be seeing lots of people, who I know are desperate to get off Universal Credit, are back into work and we’re going to be in a very different place.

“But I completely understand why the Chancellor, not withstanding the discussions that we’re having, will just want to have a look in the early part of next year, where we stand, given that he doesn’t have to make a decision now, and look at it in the broad context of the economy, of the vaccine, of the labour market, and then make a decision ahead of what will be the fiscal event in the spring.

“I think it’s important that we give the Chancellor the space to do that because, as I said, this is not a low-cost fiscal measure, it’s around £6billion.”

Mr Quince also discussed how the DWP has had to adapt and cope with the multi-million increase in the number of claims for Universal Credit this year.

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