Universal Credit claimants struggle with benefit cap as DWP is urged to suspend rules | Personal Finance | Finance


“With unemployment expected to rise, it is highly unlikely that the UK economy will return to normal in the next few months, further underlining the urgent need to review the benefit cap policy.”

As a result of this, the group called on Rishi Sunak and the wider Government to suspend the benefit cap: “Several witnesses stressed that the benefit cap is preventing thousands of households from experiencing the uplift. Suspending the benefit cap for the duration of the pandemic would enable all low-income households to benefit from the uplift.

“Given the current economic forecast of high unemployment, it is likely that people will be unemployed for a longer period of time than before pandemic due to the lack of available jobs.

“The APPG thus agrees with witnesses that the benefit cap should be at least temporarily suspended or raised in the context of the pandemic.”

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