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Universal Credit provides payments to help eligible recipients with their living costs. The support is usually paid once a month but to continue receiving the support, claimants will be required to inform the Government of any changes in their circumstances.

Additionally, claimants will need to be aged between 18 and state pension age, have less than £16,000 In savings and be living in the UK.

Universal Credit payments will be made up of a standard allowance and extra amounts for certain living costs like having children and paying rent.

The standard allowances in place will provide between £342.72 and £594.04 per month depending on the claimants age and relationship status.

Benefit cap rules may limit how much money is paid out to claimants.

Universal Credit is paid once a month into a bank, building society or credit union account.

Following an initial claim, the first payment can take up to five weeks to arrive.

Beyond this, claimants will be paid on the same date of every month.

If a payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, claimants will be paid on the first working day before.

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