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payments are based on individual circumstances, with the amounts varied by elements such as childcare costs and housing bills. These amounts can also be altered by income levels but there are standard allowances in place which all claimants will receive as a minimum.

Additionally, the advance will still need to be paid off if the claimant comes off Universal Credit.

The smallest amount that a person can borrow is £100.

Single claimants can get up to £348 and claimants in a couple can get £464.

Claimants with children could receive the highest advance, with £812 being available.

When the repayments start for these advances the claimant will have 12 months to repay the full amount.

If the claimant moves off state benefits they will receive a letter telling them how much is owed in total.

This letter will ask them to contact the DWP Debt Management Contact Centre to arrange alternative repayment plans.

This letter should not be ignored because the DWP has powers to contact employers and seek repayments directly from them or they could involve independent debt collection agencies.

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