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This differs to other forms of benefits, with some having a limit on the amount of hours a person can work while getting the benefit. How much Universal Credit a person gets does depend on earnings for those who are employed.

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It may be that some people are able to earn a certain amount of money before their Universal Credit is impacted.

This is what’s known as the work allowance.

There are two different work allowance rates.

It may apply if a person or their partner is either:

  • Responsible for a child or young person
  • Living with a disability or health condition that affects their ability to work.

The work allowance rate a person qualifies for depends on whether they get help with housing costs of not.

Those who do get the help will have a smaller monthly work allowance.

If earnings then decrease after this, they can claim Universal Credit again.

Depending on when the last payment was received, the way in which this is restarted varies.

Some may be impacted by surplus earnings, which is where monthly earnings are more than £2,500 over the amount where the payment is stopped.

There is more information on how surplus earnings can impact a person’s payment on the Government website.

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