Universal Credit claimants are eligible for free prescriptions on the NHS – how to claim | Personal Finance | Finance


Further advice is provided for Universal Credit recipients by the NHS, which warns that anyone who is questioning whether they will qualify should pay for any medication costs until they find out their eligibility.

On the NHS website, the Government states: “You should pay for any health costs if you’re unsure whether you meet the eligibility criteria. You can claim a refund once you’re able to confirm your entitlement.

“You need to have met the eligibility criteria either in the Universal Credit period before you paid, or in the same assessment period in which you paid, to qualify for a refund.

“Make sure you ask for and keep receipts. If you pay for a prescription, you must get a receipt and refund form (FP57) at the time you pay, as you will not be able to get one later.”

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