Ukraine war LIVE: Putin humiliated as Russia’s ‘third wave’ stalled by heavy rain | World | News


In a humiliating development for Vladimir Putin, Russian troops have been stalled by rain in their “third wave” of attacks to recapture the city of Adviivka.

Vitaliy Barabash, head of Avdiivka’s military administration, said “heavy rain” forced Russian troops to stop their advancement as wet terrain does not allow for heavy machinery to move.

He said: “We’ve had nearly a week of heavy rain. The terrain is too difficult and equipment cannot move. The third wave will definitely happen. The enemy is regrouping after a second wave of unsuccessful attacks.”

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff said that their troops successfully repelled more than 15 attacks in the vicinity of Kupiansk in northeastern Ukraine and 18 attacks near Maryinka to the south.

These areas have witnessed sustained heavy combat over the past few months. Additionally, the General Staff noted that nine attacks were thwarted in and around Avdiivka.

Moscow has been striving to regain control of this strategically significant city, as it serves as a vital gateway to Donetsk, the primary communication hub within the occupied territories.


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