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Volodymyr Zelensky released a video on the eve of Russia’s ‘Victory Day’ celebrations, declaring “no evil will avoid responsibility” and proclaiming that Ukraine will emerge victorious from the war. 

His declaration coincides with Victory in Europe Day (VE Day), when many European countries commemorate the unconditional surrender of Nazi forces on May 8, 1945, marking the Allied victory in WWII. 

He said: “Every year on May 8, along with the entire civilised world, we honour those who defended the planet from Nazism in World War Two… But we have not made it even a century. Our ‘never again’ lasted only 77 years. Evil has been reborn.”

“Despite the beast’s new mask, [Ukraine and its allies] have recognised him. Because, unlike some, they understand what our ancestors fought for, and against.

“Our ancestors proved that no evil can avoid responsibility. It will not be able to hide in the bunker. There will be no stone left of it.

“So we will overcome everything, and we know this for sure because our military and all our people are the descendants of those who overcame Nazism.

“They will win again and there will be peace again.”

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