Ukraine LIVE: Putin seeks Kherson revenge by bombarding city as Ukraine claims 88,000 dead | World | News


The reclaimed Ukrainian city of Kherson continues to suffer heavy Russian artillery damage on a daily basis, a new intelligence assessment has said, as Kyiv’s forces claim Russia’s death toll is nearing 88,000 soldiers since February.

Kherson was seized back from Moscow’s control by Ukrainian forces earlier this month, after it was the first major city to fall to invading forces at the beginning of the war.

But despite now being controlled by Ukraine once again, the strategic southern port city “continues to suffer daily bombardment by Russian artillery”, the UK Ministry of Defence has said.

On a single day last week, 10 people were killed in Kherson, they said in their daily intelligence briefing.

The MoD added: “The city is vulnerable because it remains in range of most of Russia’s artillery systems, now firing from the east bank of the Dnipro River, from the rear of newly consolidated defensive lines.”

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