Ukraine LIVE: New map shows Kyiv seized more land in five days than Russia took in months | World | News


VLADIMIR Putin’s army is on the brink of collapse after Ukraine’s “brilliant piece of combined arms manoeuvre”, a military expert has said.

The Russian President has been rocked by Kyiv’s stunning counterattack along the Kharkiv front line in Ukraine’s northeast.

Ukraine’s army has regained more than 772 square miles (2,000 square kilometres) from the Russian occupiers within a matter of a few days, sending shock waves through the Kremlin.

The strategically important cities of Kupiansk and Izyum are now believed to be under the control of Kyiv once again.

Photos published by the Ukrainian security forces showed troops raising the national flag in Kupiansk.

The Russian Ministry of Defence also confirmed the withdrawal of its troops from Izyum, the major base for Moscow’s forces in Kharkiv.

Officials claimed the Russian troops were being “regrouped” so that efforts could be stepped up in Donetsk.

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