TV Licence warning: Phishing scams ‘rise dramatically’ – what you need to look out for | Personal Finance | Finance


As it detailed at the time: If you’re ever unsure about a communication you’ve received from TV Licensing, it’s always best to ask someone – perhaps a friend, family member, or for more help, please visit STOP CHECK ASK”.

Following this, guidance was issued by Egress, the cybersecurity company.

Tony Pepper, the CEO of the firm, had the following to say: “With the rise in digital communication in the last year, we’ve seen phishing scams rise dramatically, with cybercriminals sending highly convincing scam emails to trick people out of their personal information or even their money.

“Often, phishing emails are made to look as though they’ve come from a trusted business or organisation – recently, we’ve seen warnings over emails made to appear as though they’re from Royal Mail, and now TV Licensing is warning UK citizens to be vigilant when it comes to emails which may appear to be from them.

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