Tottenham news: Dele Alli responds to Redknapp and Merson’s criticism of Jose Mourinho | Football | Sport


“No one was running off the ball, and Alli when he’s at his best, he makes those runs and is a good finisher.

“I watched them against Brighton and they were just static. If he plays against Chelsea [on Thursday], you hold your hands up and understand why he isn’t being allowed to go to PSG.

“Otherwise, I feel for the lad as he has got the chance to play for PSG – a massive club – and he wants to play.

“Spurs are saying they need to replace him… but they might as well take me if he’s going to just sit on the bench for the next three or four months.

“The lad’s got to play. On his day, he’s a special player and he’s one of the best talents in this country when he’s on his game.”

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