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Tottenham could sack Jose Mourinho if they lose their Premier League showdown with West Ham today, according to reports. The 58-year-old got his side back to winning ways on Thursday against Wolfsberger. However, intense pressure remains.

Tottenham hired Mourinho as Mauricio Pochettino’s replacement in October 2019.

The former Chelsea and Manchester United boss did well last term, steering his side into the Europa League.

However, despite Tottenham spending shrewdly back in the summer transfer window, Mourinho’s team have struggled this season.

They’re currently ninth in the Premier League table, six points adrift of West Ham and seven short of the Champions League qualifying slots.

And the Daily Mail say a defeat to the Hammers on Sunday ‘could be the final nail in his coffin’.

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Meanwhile, speaking ahead of the match against West Ham, Mourinho urged his players to help him maintain his impressive record in London derbies.

Asked for his secret, he said: “Special teams. Special teams win lots of matches.

“We coaches are as good or as bad as our players make us. We depend a lot on them. Especially coaches with a lot of experience and long histories, who went through every possible experience.

“We get to a stage of our career where we feel much more stable, much more humble and we realise with all the experience we have that the ones really responsible for our career are the ones that play for us.

“So hopefully at the weekend the guys have a great performance and they can make me look good. Because they’re the ones that make us look good or bad.”

Former Leeds star John Giles thinks Mourinho ‘is in trouble’.

“They are certainly in trouble, Mourinho is in trouble,” he said.

“He is getting to a similar position as Manchester United in that he’s upsetting a lot of people – Gareth Bale and Dele Alli.

“A lot of it goes back to that documentary in the summer? I watched that documentary and things happened in that documentary that should never happen in a football club.

“First of all, whatever happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room.

“There has to be a sense of trust between the manager and the players. I was very lucky that I played in a Leeds United team for 12 years with a very good manager and a good set of lads.

“There were big rows. Especially with big Jack. Jack would be involved in nearly all of them! Don would have a go at me, he’d have a go at Norman Hunter – it never became public. That is the way that it is supposed to be.

“Next thing, you have a documentary with Daniel Levy getting involved in it; you have Mourinho getting on to Dele Alli at that particular time.

“At the moment, looking at it last week when the match with Manchester City was finished – when they had a right hiding.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but he started putting his arms around the players – they didn’t want to know.

“Then after the match, he’s saying ‘I can’t say anything about the players, they did this, that and the other..’ – in other words, ‘I’m trying to get back with the players.’

“They weren’t good. They weren’t having a go for him.”

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