These Souper Cubes Are the Best Meal-Prep Accessory


If you’re a frequent meal prepper, you probably already have your routine locked down. You might have a designated day of the week that you do all of the shopping, cooking, portioning, and storing, or a trusted bundle of storage containers. TL;DR? You know how to set yourself up for a week of delicious meals. We can’t help but wonder though: Have you tried Souper Cubes yet?

These silicone freezer molds are not only perfect for prepping individual smoothie portions, freezing soups and stocks, and freezing cookie dough (there’s even a cookie-specific mold!), they can also help with storing leftovers, freezing pasta sauce or homemade garlic puree, and even ice cubes of your favorite coffee or espresso.

Made from flexible yet durable silicone, these molds are easy to use and clean. You can choose from half-cup, 1-cup, 2-cup, and 2-tablespoon portions and each tray comes with an easy-snap lid that will help prevent accidental spills, freezer burn, or freezer odors from sneaking in.

Our community members love these cubes, too. “I now have two of the 1-cups and 2-cups, and they are in constant rotation: stock, stew, pesto, sauces, even leftover portions of casseroles!,” writes Maria N. Another member, Sandra Y., relies on the cubes for easy cooking. “I make soup and stews and freeze them in these containers for days when I don’t feel like cooking. [It’s] better than takeout.”

Before we wax too poetic about a food-storage solution, we recommend you try them for yourself. After all, who doesn’t want a kitchen tool that makes things easier, more organized, and a little more fun?

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