The Zero-Effort Summer Corn Recipe Our Community Loves


It doesn’t take much for summer corn to sweep us off our feet. It provides a crunchy, juicy element when served raw in salads; on the grill, it develops a smoky, charred edge. In corn chowder, it’s a creamy, starchy thickener, and in pastas, it adds sweetness and depth. Of all of these (admittedly) fantastic ways to serve corn, we’re particularly fond of this Effortless Oven-Roasted Corn, a recipe from community member Me Brumbaugh that couldn’t be simpler or more straightforward.

So, what makes this recipe so special? For starters, there’s only one ingredient: corn. After heating the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, just put the corn cobs (with their husks, silks, and all) directly onto the oven rack, spaced an inch apart from each other. Then, let it roast for half an hour. Once the corn is roasted, remove from the oven, and leave it to cool for 15 minutes. Use a kitchen towel to hold the base of each cob while pulling back the husks and silks with your other hand—you’ll find that they’ll peel away without any resistance.

It’s a recipe that requires no prep, no cleanup, and is almost entirely hands-off cooking. There’s also no better method we’ve found for cooking corn cobs for a crowd. After all, it’s only possible to cook a few cobs on a grill without it becoming crowded (especially when you have burgers or hot dogs cooking, too), and even still, they need frequent turning and attention. Roasting brings out the corn’s naturally nutty sweetness in a similar way, without any of the effort. Still not convinced? Not only is it one of our most-viewed corn recipes of all time—it also holds a perfect five-star rating and has garnered glowing reviews.

“Since seeing this method, it has been the only way I do my summer corn,” wrote Danyelle H. “Roasting the corn creates the sweetest kernels I have ever tasted.”

Community member Crayesq added: “I have used this recipe multiple times for just the family and for guests. A HIT every time. This is so simple and easy, and the corn is fabulous. WOW.”

Have you tried this effortless roasted corn recipe? Tell us your thoughts below!

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