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In a recent analysis conducted by Data Player, projections for the world’s largest capital cities by population in 2050 have been unveiled, with some surprising shifts in the rankings.

While traditional powerhouses like London find themselves lower down the list, cities from emerging economies are poised to dominate the top spots.

Topping the chart is Delhi, set to claim the throne with a staggering population of 53,564,145, according to the analysis. This forecast underscores India’s ongoing demographic surge and urbanisation trends.

Following closely behind is Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, expected to house 40,917,024 residents by 2050. With a rapidly growing population, Dhaka’s ascent reflects the country’s rapid development and urban expansion.

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, secures the third spot with an estimated population of 38,984,274.

This highlights the demographic explosion witnessed across many African cities, fuelled by high birth rates and rural-to-urban migration.

Cairo, Beijing, and Tokyo claim the fourth, fifth, and sixth positions, respectively, emphasising the continued prominence of these global metropolises.

Interestingly, London, a perennial fixture in discussions of global cities, finds itself in 12th place, with a projected population of 16,541,791.

This placement reflects not only the relative slowdown in population growth in Western capitals but also the rapid expansion seen in other regions.

Mexico City, Jakarta, and Moscow round out the top 10, showcasing the diverse geographic spread of the world’s largest capital cities.

Further down the list, cities like Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Lima, Baghdad, and Bogotà highlight the significant urbanisation trends expected across South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

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