The race for a champion’s league place is getting tight


There are only a few games left in the premier league this season with teams looking to avoid relegation or finish in a top-four spot to secure a champion’s league place for next season. Football fans have been placing their bets on whom they think will qualify for the champions league with wish casinos at providing them with a platform they can choose from different odds. We will look at how this season has progressed and who will finish in the top four spots.

The premier league season so far

The premier league has been entertaining this season with many twists and turns taking place in the race for the top four spots as plenty of teams have dropped out of the top four due to a recent run of poor form. Manchester City and Liverpool have confirmed their spots in the top four with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham battling it out for the other two places.

The relegation battle has been heating up down the bottom end of the table with Norwich and Watford already being relegated due to them not picking up enough points to keep safe. Everton, Leeds, and Burley are trying to avoid the other relegation spot and it looks certain that one of them will be relegated from the premier league due to a poor run of form.

There are only a few games left this season for a team to either qualify for the champions league or to avoid relegation, so it is important for the teams chasing these spots to ensure that they play to the best of their ability to provide their team with European football or to stay in the premier league next season. It will be an interesting finish to the season with so much being at stake for all the teams involved in the premier league.

No one is guaranteed a champion league spot. Most teams’ dream is to ensure that they secure a spot to attract new players during the transfer windows due to footballers wanting to play for teams playing in the champions league each season. This season’s race for a top-four place has been up and down in recent weeks with some teams looking to have secured a place only for them to drop points in recent games and now looking to chase back a top-four spot.


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