The new qualifying plan F1 will trial in 2023


Formula 1 will trial new qualifying rules during the 2023 season with a minor tweak to tyre allocation.

The modified qualifying format, which is already included in the FIA’s Sporting Regulations, will see drivers issued with a predetermined compound for each qualifying session (Q1, Q2 and Q3), whilst restricting the number of tyre sets they can use to four.

The new format, which is expected to be trialled at two Grand Prix weekends, will look to reduce the overall number of tyre sets used by drivers during a race weekend from 13 to 11.

Which tyres will drivers use during 2023 qualifying trials?

The format of qualifying will remain unchanged, with the session being split into Q1, Q2 and Q3, but drivers must use the same tyres as their rivals.

At present, drivers are free to choose their tyres for qualifying, with some opting for the typically faster Soft, and others using the often slower but more durable Medium or Hard compound.

But during 2023’s trial weekends, drivers will be made to qualify on Hard tyres during Q1, Medium tyres during Q2 and Soft tyres during Q3.

Should they damage a set of tyres, each driver will have access to only one extra set. That will limit the number of tyres available to drivers on race weekends.

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