The King of Fighters XV officially revealed with flashy trailer, Out this year


SNK has formally revealed the new King of Fighters entry. The King of Fighters XV is real, and it’s coming out this year already. Fans of the cult fighting game franchise can look forward to next week for even more details. In the meantime, you can enjoy the reveal trailer here!

It might come as a surprise that despite revealing a new title into one of their biggest fighting game franchise, SNK didn’t really reveal a lot about it. But there’s a good reason for that. SNK themselves accidentally leaked promo images for The King of Fighters XV yesterday.

Obviously, there was no doubt left at all about the truth of the 15th KOF game afterward. Still, it’s always nice to get formal confirmation of leaks. But due to SNK’s original plans, the timing is a bit off.

This led to The King of Fighters XV’s reveal to only come in the form of a single trailer. But there is already a lot to go by just with that. For one, players of the previous The King of Fighters XIV will immediately notice a rather massive change in visual style.

It only makes sense for sequels to look better, but the deal with The King of Fighters XV is on an entirely different level. 2016’s KOF XIV was famously the first foray of the series into full 3D. As such, it was met with mixed emotions from fans. Not only did many miss the franchise’s signature outstanding pixel art, but the 3D in KOF XIV simply wasn’t as impressive as the competition.

That’s exactly where The King of Fighters XV apparently received a lot of work. The models, lighting, and details are a marked step up over the previous game. The game’s creative director Eisuke Ogura also promised to show a new trailer and share much more details about KOF XV next week.

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