The F1 driver Horner wishes had raced for Red Bull


Christian Horner has revealed that he would have liked to have seen Juan Pablo Montoya race for Red Bull in F1.

Several drivers have achieved success with the Milton Keynes-based squad over the years, with the most notable being World Champions Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

Despite this, Horner acknowledges that there are some personalities who he would have enjoyed seeing at Red Bull, with Montoya amongst these.

After arriving into the sport in 2001 – and quickly making a name for himself by going wheel-to-wheel with Michael Schumacher – Montoya achieved seven race wins in his time with Williams and McLaren before exiting Formula 1 during the 2006 season.

Horner on the drivers who never raced for Red Bull

When asked on the Extraordinary Tales With Seb Coe podcast which drivers he would have liked to have driven for Red Bull that didn’t, Horner explained: “There’s a few over the years that I would have liked to have seen.

“I think Montoya underperformed in Formula 1. I think he was a wonderfully talented driver that should have achieved more.”

There are also some drivers who never made it to F1 that Horner thinks could have been successful had they been given the opportunity.

“There was a driver that I tested in the Arden team that I again thought was a phenomenal driver that Formula 1 missed,” he explained.

“There was a chap called Tom Kristensen, [who] went on to enjoy tremendous success in sports cars.”

Good drivers have ‘ruthless determination’

While Horner feels there are several talented drivers to have come through the ranks, the Red Bull boss believes that the particularly successful ones have certain characteristics in common.

“There [are] so many great talents that you see come through, but they’re all different,” he added.

“They all have their own personalities, their own traits.

“But, with the good guys, there is that same steely, ruthless determination that they all share, that I see in Max [and] I saw in Sebastian obviously beforehand.

“It’s that last little bit, they’re prepared to go that little bit further.”

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