The Calendar that Sells Out Every Year


This article originally appeared on Schoolhouse, a Portland-based company in the Food52 family of brands .

There’s a reason our Big Picture Calendar to complement every room and light fixture.sells out year after year. More than just a conventional calendar or planner, this simple yet mighty tool is the perfect blend of utilitarian function and modern charm, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any space. Designed to organize the whole year at a glance, each calendar features generously sized squares to write in key dates for simple planning, while tones of blue and yellow feel fresh and lively through the changing seasons.

Photo by Schoolhouse

Perfect for students, parents, professionals, and everyone in between, the Big Picture Calendar (and its Academic counterpart) will help you track, plan, and celebrate milestones big and small with ease. The best part? The 2024 edition features illustrations of iconic Schoolhouse products on the back, so the calendar may be flipped over and repurposed as wall art when the year is done.

Photo by Schoolhouse

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A stylish way to add structure to the everyday, the Big Picture Calendar was thoughtfully designed to help set your schedule straight. Whether you place it in your kitchen, above a desk, or in the entryway for everyone to see, you’ll be glad you invested in an everyday tool that will organize your life while bringing a touch of charm to your home.

Photo by Schoolhouse

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