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I have been known to attack the bathtub with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser at a moment’s notice (and by “known,” I mean about five people in total). Still, it could be said that I have found my calling in an unplanned scrub session. This usually involves not putting my hair up first (“I’m just going to get this one smudge”), forgetting to change out of my ~good sweatpants~, and becoming entirely so sweaty during a commercial break that I end up missing the rest of The Bachelor because I now need to clean myself in the room I just cleaned. Phewf.

While I really love the effectiveness of a Magic Eraser on soap scum, I really don’t love the mostly single-use-ness of it (they disintegrate quite quickly while using), and I really, selfishly, don’t love how much physical labor is involved. I swapped the eraser out with baking soda and vinegar a while back (truly, just as effective), but I was still searching for the “lazy girl” way out of scrubbing.

Then, one day it dawned on me: I bet there’s a scrub brush attachment I can put on my drill, reducing the load on my (weak) arms and increasing SPS (scrubs-per-second). Low and behold, it exists! A 4-piece set costs $7, and they ship in two days. Huzzah!

Despite the knowledge that the Amazon truck comes twice a day (at approximately 1pm and 6pm, which I figured out thanks to quarantine), and I had text tracking updates—I still paced around, eager for my soon-to-be hero product. This level of cleaning-excitement is not the case for everyone, of which I am acutely aware. I do know, however, that making a cleaning task easier and less painful (for real, I need a heating pad for my lower back after a bathroom scrub) is something we can surely all get behind.

My Weapon of Mass De-SCRUB-tion

Photo by Caroline Mullen

When they finally arrived (yay!), I got to work. To set the record straight: my bathtub is yellow, which already makes it look somewhat… dingy. To make matters worse, it’s covered in rows of textured polka dots, presumably for traction, but if we’re presuming, then I’m going to guess they were put there to keep me up at night. Since they’re not slick like the rest of the tub, these dots have a habit of collecting dirt, so I know the tub needs a clean when they start to become more apparent. Fun!

I sprinkled a generous amount of baking soda on the floor of the tub, readied my vinegar in one hand and drill in the other, and… oh baby. I’ll just leave you with the before and after, and tell you to try it yourself.


Photo by Caroline Mullen


Photo by Caroline Mullen

Oh, and by the way, this tool isn’t limited to just bathtub-scrubbing. It would be just as satisfying to use on tile floors, gunky shower grout, dirty patio furniture, greasy hubcaps, and even crusted pots and pans. The applications are seemingly endless and I look forward to discovering them all.

What would you use this genius device on? Tell us below!

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