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The pandemic has made 2020 a year many would like to put behind them. And now the ever-positive Sir Ringo Starr has shared an uplifting New Year’s Eve message with hope for 2021. The Beatles drummer, who turned 80-years-old this year, posted the video for his fans on Instagram today.

Sir Ringo’s post read: “Happy New Year!

“That’s right Twenty20 almost over I don’t know about you but I’m excited any minute now1 1. 21. happy new year Peace and love.”

In the accompanying Instagram video, the 80-year-old was seen sitting at his drum kit with mask on.

Before removing the face covering, he said: “Well everybody, peace and love, peace and love, it’s Ringo here!”

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Sir Ringo added: “So I want to send you peace and love. Have a great life and play it safe.”

Putting his mask back on, The Beatles drummer signed off: “Better you play it safe because then you’re keeping other people safe, as well as yourself. Peace and love!”

While the 80-year-old has released a new single, Sir Paul has put out his McCartney III solo album.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Sir Ringo said: “He does [have a new record out], yeah — he’s playing everything. This is Phase Three for him, or Series Three, and it only took him 50 years. I got up with him at Dodger Stadium here.”

On their friendship, Sir Ringo said: “We’re good pals. If he’s in town, he comes, and if I’m making a record, I usually keep a track for him.”

He went on to praise Sir Paul’s bass playing, saying: “He’s still the most brilliant bass player in my life.

“There’s a lot of really good players out there, but I don’t know any that are as melodic as him, and he understands it right away.”


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