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Campaigners argued a tax on the huge profits the giants make, often through complex global tax schemes, would fund a bigger increase in the basic state pension next year.

The Government scrapped the triple lock this year, which meant basic state pensions and benefits rose by just 3.1 percent from April, rather than the runaway 9 per cent rate of inflation.

Ministers have promised to reinstate the calculation next April, but campaigners said pensioners should be compensated for this year’s hefty shortfall.

The poll of 1,285 members found an overwhelming majority felt Government help has been insufficient.

An almost unanimous 99 percent want the pension increased now. And 96 percent said it should go up in April by much more than the triple lock rate to catch up.

The poll also revealed how the cost of living crisis is hitting older people.

9 in 10 said they are worried about how they will cope with rising prices, while 8 in 10 said they or family have cut back on essentials.

Director Dennis Reed said: “The answer to this crisis is to raise the pension to the level that would have been provided if the triple lock had not been suspended this year.

“That could be afforded by an ‘Amazon tax’ on giants making obscene profits while millions of people suffer.”

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