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These are: 

L – Basic personal allowance for someone born after April 5, 1948

0T – No personal allowance

BR – All income from this source is taxed at the basic rate

DO – All income from this source is taxed at the higher rate

D1 – All income from this source is taxed at the additional rate

K – Total deductions exceed their allowances

M – Marriage Allowance receiving 10 percent of their spouse or civil partners’ personal allowance

N – Marriage Allowance providing 10 percent of their unused personal allowance to their spouse or civil partner

NT – No tax is due on this income

C – Paying income tax in Wales

S – Paying Scottish rate of Income Tax in Scotland

T – Tax office needs to review the tax code or to keep personal details confidential

W1 or M1 – Emergency tax codes for week one or month one depending on when a person gets paid.

Taxpayers can check their code on their Personal Tax Account, on the Government website GOV.UK.

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