Friday, June 2, 2023
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Sainz ‘shocked’ when seeing remains of Grosjean’s chassis

Carlos Sainz said he was "shocked" when he first saw Romain Grosjean's burnt chassis from the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix. The charcoaled remains of the...

Stoddie Straight: Verstappen shocked himself, FIA did everything right this time

In his post-race column for, former Formula 1 team principal Paul Stoddart believes Mercedes were powerless to prevent a Verstappen victory, gives his...

Verstappen shocked by ‘absurd’ FIA super licence fee

Max Verstappen believes that the FIA super licence fee he will have to pay to enter the 2023 F1 World Championship is "absurd". Each...

Barclays customer ‘completely shocked’ after scam leaves savings account drained by...

A Barclays customer had his life savings drained after thieves targeted him in a cruel scam. Source link

DWP: Man shocked to find out he could claim £200 extra...

Britons are reminded that they can unlock significant income as one man has discovered he is entitled to hundreds more each month. As the...

B.C. man shocked after $700 drained from his Walmart gift cards

Kevin Wilson was thrilled when, as part of a Black Friday promotional deal, he got two Walmart gift cards totalling $700.But when he...



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