Friday, September 22, 2023
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Niger’s junta shuts airspace, ignores deadline to reinstate ousted president

Niger's mutinous soldiers closed the country's airspace and accused foreign powers of preparing an attack, as the junta defied a deadline to restore...

Canada suspends all direct funding to Niger’s government after coup

Ottawa has announced it will stop providing financial assistance to Niger's government in the wake of a military coup in the West African...

Niger’s pro-junta protesters attack French Embassy

Supporters of the junta that took over Niger in a coup last week marched through the capital and attacked the French Embassy on...

African Union demands Niger’s military end takeover and release president

The African Union has issued a 15-day ultimatum to the junta in Niger to reinstall the country's democratically elected government just as the...

Mutinous soldiers declare their general Niger’s new head of state

Mutinous soldiers who staged a coup in Niger declared their leader the new head of state on Friday, hours after the general asked...