Friday, December 2, 2022
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WWE 2K22 Review – A Big Step In The Right Direction

WWE 2K22’s long road to release stands as a redemption story as dramatic as any of the TV storylines. The series took a...

WWE 2K22 Preset Entrance Motions Guide

WWE 2K22 launches today. For some fans, the best part of wrestling games is creating custom superstars or, better yet, real-life wrestlers not...

WWE 2K22 Post-Launch DLC Roadmap Revealed

WWE 2K22 launches tomorrow with a roster of over 80 superstars that you can view right here. However, those won’t be the only...

WWE 2K22 | New Gameplay Today Live

Are you ready? WWE 2K22 launches Friday and we’ll be stepping into the ring to show off everything it entails on the Game...

WWE 2K22 – Review In Progress

Although WWE 2K22 launches Friday, March 11, review embargo lifted today. However, since we didn’t receive codes until yesterday (Sunday), we need to spend a...

WWE 2K22: The Full Roster At Launch

WWE 2K22 launches on March 11 and Visual Concepts/2K has spent the last few weeks rolling out roster reveals. Every wrestling fan knows that...

Machine Gun Kelly Will Be A Playable Character In WWE 2K22

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has hopped aboard the hype train for WWE 2K22, severing as an official partner by providing his music and...

WWE 2K22 Preview – Hands-On With MyGM

WWE 2K’s simulated grappling can be fun, but there’s something satisfying about booking your own shows, managing contracts, and drafting wrestlers, which is...

WWE 2K22: Every Superstar Confirmed So Far

WWE 2K22 launches on March 11 and Visual Concepts/2K have slowly begun rolling out roster reveals. Every wrestling fan knows that the quality...