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What to do

Tony Pepper, CEO of cybersecurity firm Egress, responded to the unfortunate news and provided guidance on what consumers should look out for.

“Once again, cybercriminals are imitating some of Britain’s best-known brands to try to trick ordinary people out of their sensitive data,” he said.

“Scammers are cruelly taking advantage of consumers’ fears around the increasing cost of living, promising sums of up to £100 to spend at the supermarket.

“Cybercriminals have become skilled at crafting highly convincing emails that appear to be from well-known brands, and for many people these scams are almost impossible to spot. Don’t be fooled by convincing branding – we’d urge anyone who has received an email offering a cash reward for filling out a survey to double check the legitimacy of the survey with the supermarket in question before handing over their information.

“We advise consumers to remain highly cautious, hover over links before clicking and always check the email domain of the sender to see if it’s legitimate.

“If you have any suspicions that an email might be a scam, always reach out to the brand through their website or on the phone. If you think you’ve received a suspicious email, you can report it to the National Cyber Security Center using”

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