Sudocrem hacks: The 10 ingenious things you can use Sudocrem for


Sudocrem is a medicated rash cream which is popular in the UK. The cream contains zinc oxide, lanolin and benzyl alcohol. Sudocrem is marketed as a treatment for nappy rash in babies, but many people have discovered a number of other unusual uses for the cream.

Sudocrem is an antibacterial and antifungal cream which contains a mild anaesthetic. 

The cream helps alleviate pain from ailments.

Sudocrem is made up of protective, waxy emollients which are resistant to water.

This means it can hydrate an area of dry skins, without letting excess moisture in which could harbour germs or infection. 

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What else can Sudocrem be used for?

Stop chafing

Chafing happens when parts of your body rub together causing friction which can be painful or uncomfortable.

Chafing is common on your thighs, especially if you are a cyclist, runner or simply have bare legs during the hot summer months.

Apply a thin layer of Sudocrem to the inside of your thighs, or anywhere else where chafing is occurring to prevent pain.

Creating hair dye barrier

Visiting the hairdresser has become an impossibility over the past year meaning more people than ever are colouring their hair themselves at home.

Sudocrem can be used to prevent hair dye from getting on your skin and staining it.

Putting a layer of Sudocrem along the skin and around other nearby areas like the ears will defend it against the dye.

Soothing spots

Sudocrem is an effective use for dealing with spots which can help to reduce pain, discomfort and soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Sudocrem has a high zinc oxide content which means it is a particularly effective treatment for acne.

The cream can be used as a budget-friendly face mask.

Simply apply a thin layer before bed and then wash off any excess in the morning.

Use it at most once a week as overuse can dry out your skin.


Sunburn can cause incredibly sore skin for many.

To avoid the pain from sunburnt skin and itching of prickly heat, you can apply Sudocrem to help alleviate the soreness.

Simply apply a layer to the affected area and allow it to sink in slowly.

Fake tan 

Sudocrem can be used as a way to prevent fake tan from clinging. 

Like vaseline, Sudocrem can be used as a barrier cream. 

You can apply it to the parts of your body to stop them from going orange. 

Cracked heels

Cracked heels can often be a result of wearing flip flops in the summer. 

If you rub some Sudocrem into your heels before bedtime at night and pop on a pair of socks and Sudocrem will work its magic and give you softer feet in the morning.

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