Steiner renews F1 warning over new teams


Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner has stood firm with his belief that the admittance of new teams to the F1 grid would risk long-term stability in the sport.

A process to determine whether any of the prospective new outfits will join the 10 incumbents from 2025 is ongoing, with the most likely chance of them all seemingly Andretti Cadillac Racing.

Whilst there is provision for two more teams to join the grid, there has been opposition from current competitors to any new outfits entering with concerns headlined by financial stability given the struggles of the three new teams that joined the grid in 2010.

“You have 10 very stable teams which are all technically stable, financially stable,” Steiner told media including RacingNews365.

“If you put another team in and maybe somebody gets in jeopardy in three or four years time, maybe eight or nine teams leave.

“The business is run by FOM and they need to make sure that this is sustainable.

“At the moment, we are at a peak, everything seems to be growing and there is never an end to it – we could have 56 races a year and 22 races a year and everything would be happy.

“But it is very stable, we have ten very good teams and if you change something, you could go the other way.

“If you do too much and the teams aren’t stable anymore, what would you achieve then?

“You’ll be sitting here in three years saying you’ve lost a team because it went bankrupt.”

No risk

“If you look back in history, I think we are in a very good moment – it was never as good as now, we never had 10 stable teams,” insisted Steiner.

“So if all of a sudden it could be 12… F1 is a pretty old sport and there were never 10 good teams.

“There was a business plan from FOM to get us to this place – this hasn’t happened by accident.

“They don’t want to risk it by admitting more for no good reason.”

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