Steiner: “Alpha-males” collided in failed Red Bull/Porsche deal


Gunther Steiner believes the “alpha-male” philosophy at Red Bull and Porsche respectively was a major reason why the proposed Formula 1 link-up was called off.

After sister Volkswagen brand Audi signalled their intentions to join F1 in 2026 for the new engine regulations, Porsche were widely expected to enter – and partner up with Red Bull.

However, despite the groundwork being laid, the deal was called off after a difference in “DNA” in the words of Red Bull boss Christian Horner with Porsche unhappy at the proposed structure of a 50-50 deal.

Red Bull will remain an power unit manufacturer in its own right through Red Bull Powertrains, but Haas boss Steiner believes the deal was always likely to collapse.

Alpha-males at Red Bull and Porsche

“My personal opinion is that two alpha-males collided here and that’s tricky,” Steiner told LAOLA1 .

“With a 50/50 split, one has to be in charge. There would have been an impasse, which would have caused problems. It is not yet certain that Porsche will not enter Formula 1 after all.

“But you have to come with a new idea.”

There was no immediate reaction from Porsche to say it was still committed to entering Formula 1, with a date of October 15th the cut-off for new entries for the revised 2026 regulations.

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