Steam shares official ‘Best Games Of 2020’ as year comes to an end


Valve is continuing its annual trend of sharing the biggest and most popular games on Steam once again. Unsurprisingly, 2020 not only led to huge player counts and thus many success stories, but we also see the return of some old friends.

Steam is without a doubt the place to game on the PC. Ever since its inception way back in 2004, Valve managed to establish digital game purchased as the de facto standard on PC. With a humongous +90 Million active users each month, Steam alone rivals and often even outclasses entire console player bases.

Of course, tens of thousands of games alongside virtually endless backward compatibility help here. The ‘Best Games Of 2020’ list by Steam doesn’t tell how many copies a game sold. Instead, it’s sorted by revenue alone. This means, cheaper games have to sell a lot more to compete with full-price AAA titles.

Keeping that in mind, it’s even more impressive that not one but two smaller games managed to make it to the Platinum rank. That’s the highest tier in the charts and includes the most successful 12 top sellers on the Steam store.

You probably already guessed them. Among Us and Fall Guys not only are social media and streaming hits but also proper blockbusters. Again, since they cost less than say Cyberpunk 2077, they have to sell even more copies to be comparable in revenue. Truly massive breakout this.

As touched on, Cyberpunk 2077 also makes the Platinum spot in the charts. We already learned that the game sold over 13 Million copies directly from the publisher. A massive figure considering the launch controversy and refund saga.

One other notable mention is GTAV. The game that will seemingly never die. Even after five years on Steam, Rockstar’s crime epic still regularly appears on bestseller charts. No doubt, the addition of huge free content for GTA Online helped a lot.

With the Steam Winter Sale still going on until January 5th, we advise you to head on over to Steam and make good use of the discounts while they last.

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