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While Ms Ritchie acknowledges some pensioners are “quite secure” in their income, there are others, she states, who face financial challenges.

She continued: “You get the middle income pensioners, like me, those people who have been out to work all their lives – these people seem to be the ones which are most squeezed. Top income pensioners can afford the life they need, but middle income pensioners are often just over the limit should they want to claim any benefits. 

“Then you get the others, those who get other benefits. These individuals may not have worked. They get the support they need in the sense they can get help from the Government.

“This is where the middle income group suffers. The middle group is squeezed, for simple things such as the removal of the TV Licence for over 75s. It’s only £159, but for some people that can be a whole week’s worth of pension.”

Ms Ritchie continues to work part time, and pays tax on her combined pension and wage, but is concerned for those who do not have this kind of income in retirement. 

She said: “Listening to others really reveals a lot. A 78-year-old woman above basic state pension said to me that it is unfortunate, she gets £168 from a private pension but cannot claim for other benefits to support her. One of those months is taken up with the TV Licence payment. It is those sort of stories that don’t often surface, that people can often forget about.”

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