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State Pension payments are made available to Britons of an eligible age who have built up significant National Insurance contributions throughout their lifetime. While the state pension sum is usually dependent on National Insurance contributions, the Government warned it is important to note some may receive less than the full sum if contracted out before April 6, 2016. Although the full state pension stands at £175.20 per week, some will wish to gain further levels of support.

The website added: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t currently get this help, as long as you can show you need it.

“Remember that the person make the decision on your claim probably won’t know what it’s like to be deaf or have hearing loss, so you’ll need to describe how it affects your daily life.”

Attendance Allowance is paid on a weekly basis at two separate rates by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

How much a person ultimately receives is based on the care they actually need.

The lower rate of Attendance Allowance currently set at £59.70 and is available to those who need frequent help or constant supervision during the day, or supervision at night.

Alternatively, there is a higher rate of Attendance Allowance which is set at £89.15.

This is for people who need help or supervision throughout both day and night, or those who are terminally ill.

As a result, individuals in receipt of the higher rate of Attendance Allowance could receive over £356 to help them with day-to-day needs.

It is important to note those in receipt of Attendance Allowance could also receive additional support.

This could come in the form of Council Tax Reduction, or extra Housing Benefit or Pension Credit.

The process of claiming Attendance Allowance is intended to be an easy one for Britons to undertaken.

People can use the designated claim form, available on the Government’s official website, which can either be filled in on screen, or printed to fill in with a pen.

It can be sent to the DWP, with no need for a postcode or a stamp.

Attendance Allowance can also be backdated to the date of a person’s claim to provide them with the financial support they need. 

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