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State pension payments require at least 10 years of NI contributions to be claimed, with 35 years needed for the full amount of £179.60 per week. Usually, NI contributions are made throughout a person’s working life but where this is not possible, NI credits may be awarded.

For families who may have child raising commitments, it should be noted credits can be transferred between partners.

This may be done if one parent has an excess amount, while the other could do with a top-up.

NI credits received through registering for child benefit can be transferred to a spouse or partner who is living with them if they have paid a year’s National Insurance contributions, known as a “qualifying year”.

These transfers are done through completing a specific form.

However, this will rise to 67 between 2026 and 2028.

Beyond this it will rise to 68 by 2046.

People can head to the Government’s website to check on the exact date they could claim a state pension.

When a person is ready to claim their state pension, they can do so online, over the phone or through the post.

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